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Project Case Study

The Middle Ground – Anonymous Geopolitical Think Tank Website

Project Overview

The Middle Ground project goal was to create a website that provides an anonymous and secure platform to express constructive TIPS to help leaders resolve the crisis in the middle east.

The website is essentially an anonymous geopolitical think tank powered by the ideas from users across the internet on what the leaders involved in the Crisis should consider as options to move forward.

We successfully launched in November 2023.

The Challenge

At the heart of the project was the need for complete privacy for all users submitting TIPS via the website. Extensive research and testing were performed to ensure the technology was not recording any personally identifiable information that could be connected to TIP submissions.

This presented an interesting challenge with the increased risk of spam. Many anti-spam measures that protect web forms rely on storing information like email and IP addresses.

Our solution was a combination of anonymised anti-spam measures, enhanced security protocols and some uncommon sense.

Responsive Design

By choosing WordPress and Elementor, the website design was easily configured to respond to various device resolutions.

We made additional customisations to ensure an optimal user experience and tested various thresholds extensively before delivering them to the client.