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Project Case Study

The Event Room – Premium Business Website

The Event Room Homepage on Mac

Premium Business Website Design

The client was looking for an upgrade to their existing website to reflect the service and customers they work with today.

We worked closely with the client to deliver a business website that reflected their established brand and creative preferences.

The page hierarchy and content were meticulously designed to ensure each page focused on being clear, professional and  visually impressive.

Special attention was given to landing pages that could be easily shared to specific audiences, and capture new potential customer interest.

A Portfolio That Speaks For Itself

One of the clients strengths was that their high quality work speaks for itself. These was a trove of photos from past events delivered to happy customers like Google, Lenovo and the Cancer Institute to work with.

A new custom portfolio ensured creating photo galleries linked with project case studies was much more efficient than the old site.

Content optimisation plugins were used to ensure the site was quick to load, even with the high quality imagery used.

Website Design - Portfolio Full
Project Gallery

Premium Website Designs

Fully Responsive Design, Mobile Ready

By choosing WordPress and Elementor, the website design was easily configured to respond to various device resolutions.

We made additional customisations to ensure the experience was an optimal one, and tested various thresholds extensively before delivering to the client.

Vibrant Calls To Action

The clients impressive photos from their event portfolio made the job of creating Calls to action much easier.

Calls to action were important in their design and placement. They had to be eye catching and informative.

Consistent and regular placement of the CTAs as global templates made them easy to deploy where we needed them.

Website Design - CTA Footer