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Project Case Study

All Season Aluminium Annexes – Business Website

Project Overview

The All Season Aluminium Annexes website was launched Christmas 2023. They are a building company based in Victoria that specialises in constructing Annexes, both free-standing and for caravans.

The previous website was dated and didn’t reflect the professionalism, quality and talent the business offered its customers. It was not optimised for search engines (SEO) or provided efficient handling for new customers and project opportunities.

The client needed a website to address these concerns and promote business growth.

The Challenge

At the heart of the project was the need to optimise the design for the 40-60+ age group.

Great care was given to the website’s accessibility, including the deliberate choices around colours, font size, page layout and user experience.

One of the project highlights was the creation of the Pre-Order Form, which increases the efficiency of the quotation process and helps guide new customers on their journey.

It was essential to show the visual context of the site build types and provide up-front frequently asked questions to set initial expectations for potential customers.

Web Design of a hotspot map show the locations a business services.

Service Area Map

We recommended and gained approval from the client to design and build a special Service Area Map, which we placed on several of the website pages. 

Using geo-location and the Google Maps API, we added each of the major sites serviced by the client. Users are able to click on a map pin to find location-based information, adding additional context to the client’s services for the users. It’s also useful for SEO.

This map is dynamically generated, fully interactive and can easily have additional sites added to it as the business grows.