About adeptive

[ ad-ept-ive ] A multi-disciplinary web specialist

Hi, my name is Geoff.

I'm a freelance web designer and owner of Adeptive.

I understand what it means to be an employer and run a small business in Australia, and I bring that experience to all my projects.

My broad range of expertise developed over 15+ years with experience managing, designing, coding and building various web businesses and projects. I’m also a privacy advocate and adept with cyber security practices.

I seek to help clients explore their needs and create solutions to meet them effectively. My focus is on tangible benefits, efficiency and low-maintenance solutions. I keep execution quick, costs down and exceed expectations in meeting project goals.

While I prefer to keep things lean and handle projects myself, I’m adept at leading a team and working together to deliver a successful project. I have access to my extensive tech industry network and other local Australian freelance talent and businesses to work with if needed.

I enjoy solving problems and helping small to medium clients make big differences with limited resources.

If you’d like to know how I can help you with your project, just contact me for a quick chat.

"My passion is helping people solve problems and delivering web solutions without the usual headaches."

- Geoff Leask

What my Clients think of me:

Enjoy a better experience

We provide you with an attentive and personalised service, that focuses on your needs and goals.

No Stress

We strive to create a stress free project environment by setting realistic expectations, clear communication and adapting to your needs.

Ultra Efficient

With over 15+ years of experience and a wide range of expertise in-house, we aim to deliver your project simply, elegantly and bug-free.

Diligent Service

Attention to detail, exploring the big picture and always following up on tasks. We take ownership of each project’s success.

We are adept Web Problem Solvers

We provide solutions that are cost effective, innovative and tailored to your specific needs.

Custom Website Design

Launch a premium business website

Custom WooCommerce

Launch a premium eCommerce store

Wordpress Maintenance

Keep your website running

WordPress Cyber Security

Secure your Wordpress site