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Project Case Study

Belinda Colubriale CHPC – Learndash Course

A Custom LMS solution for the clients online courses

We integrated Learndash, WooCommerce, Elementor and Uncanny Automator to create a completely bespoke WordPress LMS solution owned by the client.

WooCommerce to Learndash Landing Page

We created a long-form landing page that integrated with WooCommerce to manage the sale of the client’s online courses.

We developed automated coupon codes that were sent out via third-party marketing tools. These codes directed leads to our landing page, where they automatically applied their appropriate coupon.

A successful purchase is registered with Learndash so the customer can login to their account and get directed to their personalised course dashboard.

This solution is highly scalable and can support a virtually unlimited number of courses that the client can create ongoing.

Content Editing & Design

We worked as content editors for the client, improving the quality of the content and designing pages for the website and online course.

We paid close attention to the UX (user experience) and the journey a student taking the course would follow.

We also designed various Course Assets, including Graphics, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations and MS Word templates for course users to use and download.

Finally, we also created the web-optimised videos used in the course lessons and the sales landing page.

Project Innovative Highlights

Custom Learndash Courses, Topics & Lesson Templates

We created our own page templates in Elementor and used Dynamic Fields to connect to Learndash data, creating a completely custom Design for our course material.

Course Dashboard With Topics
Belinda Colubriale - Custom Learndash Course Dashboard
Topic Page With Lessons
Belinda Colubriale - Learndash Custom Topic Grid Design Template
Individual Lesson with Video
Belinda Colubriale - Learndash Custom Lesson Template Design