Cybersecurity Solutions

Monitoring. Penetration. Defence.

We Play To Win

Just like any other physical assets your business might have, your digital infrastructure, data and operations need to be protected from security threats.

We help you deploy security protocols and solutions that keep your online assets defended from unwanted hackers and nefarious bots.

Preventative Solutions

We can help you be proactive and avoid Cybersecurity threats.

We analyse your business and identify potential points of vulnerability. We then formulate a cyber defence strategy based on priority targets and critical infrastructure. Implementation will be tailored to your specific needs.

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)

We build intelligent solutions that can monitor, notify and automatically take appropriate action in the event of various intrusion attempts and suspicious activity.


Your data and communications are valuable, and we can help protect it by implementing encryption across your website traffic (SSL), Database and online file systems such as AWS S3.

Bespoke Security Solutions

Every client has different security needs, some requiring some custom solutions or creative thinking. We’re always ready to think outside the box.

Active Security

The best defence is a good offence.

We offer regular SLA and ad-hoc Cybersecurity services that proactively investigate and address ongoing system vulnerabilities. We can also respond in realtime to attacks in progress or help you recover from an existing security breach.

Environment Auditing

We review your infrastructure, applications and security protocols for anything that should be updated. This can be scheduled on a regular basis.

Penetration Testing

The gloves come off with our blackbox/whitebox Penetration tests. We probe for vulnerabilities and once identified, offer recommended solutions and actions to harden your defences.

Defence & Recovery

We help clients who are under or have suffered a cyber attack. We fight off active hacking attempts in real-time and pick up the pieces for compromised clients.

Scalable Project Teams

We hand pick your team to match your needs with no unnecessary overheads. We use in-house talent and scale as needed with our network of partner agencies and freelancers.