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Cyber Security

WordPress Audits

We specialise in WordPress Cyber Security and provide audits that look at various aspects of a websites security including:

  • Hosting Security Features
  • WordPress Configuration
  • File Permissions
  • Plugin Review
  • WordPress Penetration Testing (Scans)
  • Security Audit Report with Recommendations
A great choice for clients with that can’t afford to have a data breach or security incident.

Health Checks

We created the Health Check service for clients on a budget. It’s limited to basic reconnaissance and external scanning of your website for obvious vulnerabilities.

The Health Check follows a checklist format and is not comprehensive. It doesn’t include any specific recommendations.

A great choice for clients with low budget projects that want to cover the basics and get some peace of mind.


We accept cyber security projects and assignments for clients who require a more tailored approach.

This includes comprehensive cyber security audits, web penetration testing, policy development and website recovery.

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